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New: discover the Wingfoil and Wingsup!

Change dimension and come and discover this new activity at our Nautical Base!
Accessible to all, Wingfoil and Wingsup courses take place at Lac de Sainte-Croix.

A Wingfoil course consists of several important stages:
Handling the wing on the ground and kneeling on the board.
Successfully tacking (left, right), the long-term objective is to master the different gaits on a paddle or a windsurf board.

You will need to acquire greater speed in order to start lifting the board on the foil.

Towed wingfoil: The towed wingfoil part is an integral part of the course. In fact, this wingfoil course allows you to learn position and balance on the board without worrying about the wing. This session can be done when the wind is very light.

The material:

  • TAHE Aria Board
  • Wing wing (TAHE Alize 4.0 & 5.0)
  • Foil (Sic Flyte)
  • Helmet impact vest leash

Wingfoil and Wingsup Prices

Wing Foil

1 person
€ 74 per hour
€ 145 for 2 hours

Wing Sup

1 person 2 people
€ 55 per hour € 80 per hour
€ 95 for 2 hours € 135 for 2 hours


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